How Drop Shipping Works?


Using the Dropshipping feature will give you the option to earn a fee for every amazon product that will be sold on your own site

Step 1 – You set your fee on plugin settings

Step 2 – You search and import your amazon products into the site

Step 3 – Any client that will buy your products will be auto pay the new price that includes your fee.

The checkout process is done only on your site! The client is not redirected to amazon, so make sure you change the button name text according.


Drop-Shipping Example

Step 1 – Navigate to the AMS plugin


Step 2 – Press on settings



Step 3 – Select the drop-shipping option and set your fee that will be added for every product you will import from Amazon


Step 4 – Change the buy button text from the default to “Buy Now”, as a user does not redirect to amazon on the drop-shipping option


Step 5 – Navigate to the website


Step 6 – Select any product and copy the url


Step 7 – Navigate to the AMS plugin and press on “Product import by url”


Step 8 – Paste the link into the box and press the “product Import” button. Wait until you see the finished process message


Step 9 – Compare the product price that includes the fee on your site to the original amazon product